«From a successful actress to an ordinary housewife»: Julia Roberts as a loving mother and devoted wife  

This is how Julia Roberts enjoys motherhood 🤔🥰

Renowned actress Julia Roberts, who became famous especially after the movie «Pretty Woman», enjoys her motherhood and spends most of her time with her family.

Besides being a talented actress, she is a loving wife and devoted mother.

Julia has completely devoted herself to raising her children. She loves to make breakfast on her own, especially she enjoys having meals together.

Although she is having a break from work, it doesn’t mean that she has stopped her career forever. She will continue acting as soon as she becomes fully ready.

However, now she has much more important thing to do. Looking at the happy faces of her children, one can understand that they are growing up in love and respect.

What do you think about the star’s choice? Do you want to see her on the screen again?

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