«Little Kevin turns a model for Gucci!»: This is how Culkin looks and lives today

Kevin from «Home Alone» has overcome his addiction and become a Gucci model 🧐🤗

This talented actor has gained overall fame for his legendary role in the famous movie. The man has successfully overcome his addiction and started to lead a healthy lifestyle.

He has made a stunning comeback after such a long break and has recently tried his hand as a model for the giant fashion house Gucci.

Thousands were happy to see him happy and healthy again. He, luckily, gained weight and started to look much better. His energy, confidence and beautiful gait let nobody stay indifferent.

His journey of recovery proved to the whole world that nothing is impossible and one should fight for a better life and brighter future. His contract with the Italian fashion house shows how far he has already come.

The fans and supporters were happy to see the actor fully recovered. They wished him health and well-being.

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