The heartthrob from «The Blue Lagoon» is now a grandpa: The way Atkins has changed caused a stir

Girls fell in love with this character at first sight! This is how the actor has changed 😳🧐

This handsome, blue-eyed actor from the legendary movie won millions of hearts at that time. No single girl could stay indifferent and not fall in love with him at first sight. He possessed exceptional beauty that distinguished him from all the others.

This role brought him more fame and overall recognition. He became an in-demand actor but the trappings of fame and the absence of formal acting soon disappointed the directors and critics.

At some point Atkins was even called the worst actor in Hollywood. Later, he retired from his acting career and started to be engaged in a business which brought him enough money to live a good life.

Believe it or not, he is now 62 and the former heartthrob has changed into an exhausted grandpa with gray hair.

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