«It’s illegal to look this good at 55!»: Exclusive vacation photos of Hayek in which she posed in a revealing two-piece bikini on a yacht

After these vacation photos of Hayek, you will fall in love with the actress again

Though this overall-recognized and charismatic actress of Mexican origins will soon celebrate her 56th birthday, the legendary film star amazes the viewers with her stunning figure and femininity often being called the queen of attractiveness.

Regardless of being in her 50s, the outstanding actress proudly shows her toned and slender body even in revealing bikinis posing on a yacht.

For those who don’t know, the charming actress is with her beloved husband Francois in these exclusive vacation photos.

The footage immediately won millions of hearts and no one could remain indifferent towards the actress who looked simply amazing and like a million dollars.

«A mega-star of all time», «A super hot lady», «I haven’t seen a woman more charming than her».

Her beauty secrets include regular sports, yoga classes and healthy nutrition.

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