«Noticeably rounded up gaining 66 lbs»: Here is Lana Del Rey in recent paparazzi shots who has changed beyond recognition

Having gained 66 lbs, singer Lana Del Rey looks unrecognizable in her fans’ eyes

The recent appearance of outstanding and overall-recognized singer Lana Del Rey has caused a stir since the performer looked totally unrecognizable in the eyes of her fans. Believe it or not, the popular singer has gained 66 lbs changing beyond recognition.

The paparazzi photos didn’t let anyone remain indifferent and people rushed to express their dissatisfaction concerning the singer’s overweight. «Is this really her? I refuse to believe in its truth», «What happened to her?», «I hardly recognized Lana».

«What’s wrong with her?», «She has noticeably rounded up», «Lana let herself go, for sure», «My most favorite singer ever».

«I didn’t expect this at all», «She has lost her former beauty and charm», «The iconic singer is far not the same».

Do you share the opinion that she has changed beyond recognition?

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