«The exact copy of Kim, his ex-wife»: Here is American rapper and Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West’s wife Bianca

Have you already seen rapper Kanye West’s new wife who looks exactly like Kim?

There is no denying that Kim Kardashian is one of the iconic and most influential celebrities of today who is adored by millions.

For a relatively long time the well-known star’s heart belonged to popular rapper Kanye West. The beautiful couple’s wedding was held in 2014 and cost about $100 000.

The legendary spouses were absolutely happy together raising their four children until the moment they suddenly filed for divorce leaving their fans in tears and confusion.

After the whole process of dividing their mutual properties, they started to live separately ceasing the regular communication. Kim began dating Pete Davidson and, what concerns Kanye, he started to be in relationships with many youthful girls, especially models.

Whereas as the rapper admits, his heart has long belonged to designer Bianca Censori, whom he met last year and immediately fell madly in love with.

According to reliable sources, the couple has already secretly married.

However, little is known about Bianco. She was born in Melbourne and graduated the university there. Later, she moved to live in Los Angeles where she started to be actively engaged in the fashion industry.

The girl’s appearance doesn’t leave anyone remain indifferent. Many rush to claim that she looks exactly like his ex-wife.

Kim considers her a real rival probably because her relationship with Kanye is much more serious that those with Shayk, Fox and so many others.

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