“The Barbie girl after a decade!”: This is how the Barbie girl has changed after 10 years

How does the Barbie girl who became a model at her 2 look after 10 years?

Today’s interesting story is about Ira Brown, an unrealistically beautiful and absolutely unique baby, who gained overall-recognition owing to her doll appearance. Believe it or not, already at the age of 2, she became a successful model as soon as her parents realized that their heiress, in fact, possessed an unearthly beauty, charm and distinctiveness.

Ira’s photos immediately hit the network and millions were delighted with her heavenly beauty. Many flatly refused to believe that in front of them actually stood a living girl, rather than a Barbie doll.

However much success the popular girl managed to achieve, it stands to reason that Ira didn’t really enjoy her early childhood years being actively engaged in modeling.

Whereas in the course of time, Ira started to look more like an ordinary child and, according to a number of network users, lost her charm and the title “Barbie girl”.

Though Brown is not as popular as she was before, she still has admirers around her.

Given the fact that she has already grown up, her parents endow Ira with freedom letting her make decisions on her own.

Do you think Ira still looks like a Barbie doll or not?


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