This is what happened when this woman was trying to whiten her teeth with an original method

What the man saw in the bathroom after hearing screams will surprise you

The family of Goodwin from Montgomery has 5 adorable kids, biological and adopted. It goes without saying that the devoted parents don’t have enough time for themselves. Yet one day, John, the husband, suddenly heard strange screams coming from the bathroom and rushed to find out what was going on there. And what he happened to see there won’t let you stay indifferent.

After a challenging and tiresome day, Casey wanted to try the coveted hygiene method for whitening her teeth before she went to bed and when her husband rushed to see what happened there he witnessed Casey half-sprinkled with dust.

John first took his cellphone and started filming what was going on there bursting into laughter at the same time. The whole thing is that she tormented the stubborn plastic and jerked so that black dust scattered around the whole bathroom like an explosion.

First, they both laughed so much at this awkward situation, then the family immediately became famous on the network, and ultimately, it was a worthy lesson for both of them. Apart from all this, Casey’s teeth definitely got whitened. A fantastic result!

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