“Can’t get over her ex”: Actress Jolie’s new partner and her ex-husband are like two peas in a pod

People suppose that Jolie started to date actor Madden. Is that true?

It seems like the cult ex-spouses have already got over each other and started completely new stages of their lives. A relatively long time after their official divorce, Jolie and Pitt could eventually decide when and how long each of them is allowed to spend time with their children. People are more than sure that Jolie’s heart is not occupied, whereas is that true?

On the network, there are rumors that the iconic actress and actor R. Madden are currently dating. The pair first met during the filming of “The Eternals” and it seemed like they both felt something more towards each other. It should be noted that exactly the same way her relationship with Pitt started. There is no need to say that Madden looks like the exact copy of her ex-husband.

It is worth mentioning that the young actor gained world fame after the film “The Bodyguard” and “Game of Thrones”. For some time, the talented actor was dating British actress J. Coleman. However, the couple, unfortunately, divorced.

What do you think? Are they dating?

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