This 2-year-old girl’s precious reaction to being asked to choose a doll of another color by a cashier

This child shuts the cashier up when she asks her to choose a doll of another color

This adorable 2-year-old girl greatly surprised the whole world making her parents be proud of her powerful reply to the cashier’s questions. Sophia was taken to choose a prize as she successfully completed her potty training.

The little girl’s mother promised her to go and buy anything she wanted and that day eventually came.

The mother with her cute daughter headed to a Target store located not so far from their home, in South Carolina in which they spent a relatively long time selecting the gift.

Her mother mentioned that Sophia always returned to a black doll after a doctor since the little cutie of becoming one.

Everything was alright until they reached the register to check out.

The cashier got curious about the choice of the little one and was wondering whether they were going to a birthday party or not. The mother couldn’t handle that anymore answering that it was a gift for her daughter for competing the training.

The woman came into surprise and asked whether the 2-year-old girl actually wanted exactly that doll or not. The little one firmly answered “Yes”.

The cashier started to convince Sophia to go and pick another one which would be much prettier and look like her, Sophia. Once the cashier said all this, the little cutie got furious and replied that the doll she had already picked was absolutely beautiful and it definitely looked like her and had a stethoscope. This immediately shut the woman up. The mother of the girl was really proud of her daughter as, despite her age, she could stand up for herself and support her choice.

It is worth mentioning that the story was posted on the web and was shared for more than 100 thousand times. Some even shared their own experiences and such comments could be found “My little daughter was really fond of her black Cabbage Path baby. She refused to sleep without her and took her everywhere she went to. This definitely makes sense!”.

Whereas there were negative comments as well. Regardless of everything, Sophia made her family be proud and could defend her rights.


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