A senior man rescues a seriously sick fox gaining a loyal life-long companion

This man adopted a badly injured fox and saved the animal’s life

This adorable red fox, found near Turnbridge Wells in England, was thankfully rescued by one rescue fox project. The support organization couldn’t let the weak animal get released to the wildlife as he was badly injured and unhealthy. Thus, there appeared two possible options, either to put him to sleep or find a permanent home and a caring and attentive owner. The latter was hardly probable and they didn’t even hope to ever meet someone who would be eager to adopt the rescued unwell fox.

And here is Mike, our today’s hero, who bravely adopted the sick fox taking the whole situation into his hands and soon befriended with the baby animal. He determined to take good care of the injured creature until he was fully ready to get released to his natural habitat.

The senior man was a big animal lover and enthusiastic keeping dogs and cats as well and the fox also befriended with the dogs, yet used to steal food from their bowls. He sincerely enjoyed playing with the awesome cats and gently cuddling with his kind-hearted rescuer. They two formed a special bond becoming an exemplary role of friendship everyone would adore.

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