This Canadian lynx’s story is quite fascinating. He attracted many people and became their favourite  

The lynx cannot live neither in wild, nor among humans.

Wild catties are considered very dangerous, but on the contrary, in most cases they are very friendly, funny and kind. As ordinary cats they also like to be stroked.

Here is a nice story about a Canadian lynx named Max who was born in 2011 in a zoo and has stayed there since it. He is weighed 40 pounds and stays under the care of a zookeeper.

According to her, he cannot live neither in wild, nor among humans, so the cutie always stays inside of the zoo.

When people ask her if he cannot live in the wild, she always gives a negative answer saying that he has learnt to live in captivity, so living in the wild will be stressful for him.

His human mommy, a zookeeper, takes care about him completely giving him everything he needs. But unfortunately he cannot live with humans as ordinary cats.

His photos are shared on social media from time to time and he became really famous.

It is done for only one purpose: to teach people to take care about our animal world and protect the endangered species.

He appeared on social media when he was only 8 weeks old. The main reason for it is to make humans become more responsible for our wildlife. Each of us must take care about animals in need giving them opportunity to live safe and careless.

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