The unusual appearance of the girl she was embarrassed about made her a real star of the social network

The girl’s unusual appearance attracts everyone. She looks more beautiful with her grey eyelashes

Victoria Santiago lives in Kentucky and would be a completely ordinary girl, if not for one feature. But it was this flaw that made the American a real star of the social network.

Victoria was very complex because of the peculiarity of her appearance. As a teenager, she suffered from shingles. This infection of a fungal nature left light spots on the skin of the girl. And in 2016, the situation worsened: Victoria was diagnosed with vitiligo, due to which, in addition to white spots on the skin, gray areas also appeared on the eyelashes, hair and eyebrows.

Because of vitiligo, Santiago was constantly worried and worried. She hardly forced herself to appear in crowded places. Surrounding and casual meet with curiosity examined her, and some even gave advice. But no one understood Victoria, and she began to withdraw into herself.

Fortunately, one day Santiago decided to register on a social network. She created an account on TikTok and immediately gained fans. Now about 40 thousand people have subscribed to Victoria, and all of them are madly in love with the naturalness of the girl.

Subscribers support unusual Victoria in everything, and she pleases them with photos and videos. In one of the published videos, Santiago tried to dye her eyelashes, and it turned out with difficulty. But people assured the girl that the mascara should be removed away, because even without makeup, Victoria is very attractive. And this is true, and compliments instill self-confidence in an American woman, raise her self-esteem.

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