The lady refused to wash her hair with shampoo for two years. Now she has thick and healthy hair

Believe it or not, the girl has healthy and shiny hair as she stopped using shampoo

This girl shared a real-life story on social media revealing she gained absolutely healthy and gorgeous hair after she quitted washing it with shampoo. This curious 25-year-old lady wanted to carry out such an experiment in order to find out what would happen. For two years she refused to use any shampoo and conditioner for hair. The result was absolutely incredible and totally unbelievable.

She confessed that previously she used to wash her hair with shampoo every two days and the result was the head skin was completely dry and after she decided to stop using shampoo the problem miraculously disappeared. Initially, at the beginning of her interesting experiment, it seemed as if she had oily and ugly hair. Yet the situation had radically changed.

The girl added she now washes her hair only with water and very occasionally puts some coconut oil and that’s all.

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