An unsuccessful businessman settled in an ordinary barn and lived there for 15 years, until one day the neighbors came to visit him

A man lived a luxurious life for 15 years, but no one noticed it

If you have read the novel “The Golden Calf”, then you probably remember one of the heroes of Alexander Koreiko. His wealth became a target for Bender and his “team”.

We are sure that you, like many other readers, were sure that the owner of the treasures was an invention, a fantasy of the author. But in reality this is not so.

Two years ago, British police arrested a man who looks like Koreiko.

The millionaire managed to avoid paying taxes for fifteen years – he played the role of a poor man of retirement age. As a result, the secret was revealed through the negligence of the rich man himself.

Alan Yeomans ran his own business, which did not bring fabulous income and once “burned out”. The man had to sell all his property, including a car and housing.

As a result, this money was not enough to pay off debts. In order to somehow survive in a crisis, Alan had to go to live in something similar to a barn.

Caught on the verge of poverty, the former businessman lost all ties. Those whom he considered friends did not want to deal with the loser anymore. However, as it turned out, it played into Alan’s hands.

Over time, the man put the barn in order – a good house grew up on the site of a flimsy building, inside of which repairs were made. Going out into the street, Alan put on old clothes, he practically did not communicate with anyone, and the neighbors are no exception.

Every year, an unsuccessful businessman was forced to confirm his deplorable financial situation – for this he attended court. For fifteen years, he filed reports on time, but one day he was late. Representatives of the law were sent for him.

The policemen who arrived at the guy’s house were surprised by the repairs that had been made inside. Beautiful carpets, golden decorative elements, expensive decoration on the walls… The house screamed luxury.

Alan arranged the house without saving on furniture, books, finishing materials and decorations. Inside there was a rack with very rare book editions, luxurious figurines. Inside the building there was a swimming pool, six rooms, a furnished gymnasium and much more.

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