The man wanted to renovate a 97-year-old ancient house and the surprise on the wall meant he shouldn’t stay there anymore

While renovating an ancient house, something on the walls shocked the man

This man shared a real story with his followers on social media: he wanted to fully renovate his house where he recently moved with his family. He got a relatively old house which was constructed in 1925. And the moment they purchased it, the house was already 97-year-old. The new owner was happy that he managed to find such an appropriate house at a reasonable price.

Despite the fact the man wanted to maintain the atmosphere he decided to change the ancient wallpaper. In order to do so, the man had to remove the old material from the walls.

Previously, the walls were mainly painted. And as he saw, lead was used in the production of the paintwork, which was a really dangerous substance and could cause various organ diseases. The confused man called some specialists to know if he could stay there if he managed to remove the whole paint.

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