The dog looked disapprovingly as the passerby threw away the paper cup. He grabbed the trash and threw it in the bin

The smart dog: he took a very graceful step

Jack was an incredibly smart puppy. His favorite trick is to bring slippers to guests to make them fall in love with him right from the door. Jack knew perfectly well that with this trick he could secure tasty treats under the table.

Andryukha, where did you get such a smart dog? It seems that he generally understands everything, but he cannot say! Friends admired.

Andrey, the owner of Jack, usually smiled mysteriously at this. The guests could not even imagine how much work and daily activities such education costs! Although, of course, the dog was naturally smart, not without it.

Jack mastered the simplest commands effortlessly. Around the same time, Andrey decided to introduce not the most familiar commands into the upbringing of the young dog. Soon, Jack became an indispensable helper at home, especially considering that Andrey was a bachelor.

For example, Andrey is lying on his legal day off on the couch with a pack of chips. And a terrible thing happens: the pack is empty. A weaker spirit nature itself would have risen from the sofa and taken the pack to the trash can. But Andrey was not one of those. For days he trained Jack to throw away the empty wrappers.

And then there was a chance to show these skills “in the field”. Andrey went for an evening walk with Jack in the park. First, they had to go through busy paths, where Jack dutifully stomped on a short leash. The dog knew that as soon as they moved away, the owner would let him run a little. In the meantime, it was necessary to keep the mark, sedately keep up with Andrey and catch the affectionate glances of passers-by.

A young couple was walking by. The guy finished his coffee on the go – and somehow mechanically threw a paper cup onto the path. Jack immediately noticed this, looking sternly at the stranger.

Andrey felt that the leash was taut. It was strange, usually Jack would not allow himself this, even if there was another dog nearby.

The owner turned around and saw Jack with a glass in his mouth. The first thing I wanted to command: “Fu!” But the dog did not even think of eating leftovers. He stomped in the direction of the urn, which was literally two steps away – and carefully threw the glass away.

Witnesses of the incident were a couple of onlookers on the benches, Andrey – and the couple themselves.

Well, you are a pig, Anton. The dog has better manners than you. the girl reproachfully turned to her companion.

Anton cringed a little guiltily. Maybe what happened was a lesson for him for life.

And Jack, having fulfilled his mission, joyfully ran up to Andrey and continued his proud procession through the park…

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