In forty-degree frost, a street dog was allowed to warm up with the first time.

The funny relationships of two dogs, one of whom was homeless and frozen

Robin hardly remembered how he was kept at home as a puppy. As soon as he grew up a little, they began to prepare him for life on the street.

In fact he couldn’t imagine any other existence. And even if he could, it’s not a fact, that he preferred to lie on the couch instead of chasing the neighbour’s cats around the yard. A warm booth, three meals a day and the ability to rush about wherever you eyes look-why not an ideal life?

Daddy, won’t Robbie freeze? asked Yuri’s daughter at the beginning of winter.

No, baby. He has fur. And I insulated the booth-  Yuri answered confidently.

But that was in early December, when the temperature rarely dropped below minus twenty. When Yuri approached Robin the dog reluctantly got out of the booth and shook with a small shiver. And even the harsh male heart couldn’t stand it and they decided to let the dog home to warm at least for the night.

The children, who were delighted at the thought that the dog would be at home, vowed that they would closely monitor Robin’s behaviour.

The only one who didn’t support this idea was the old cat Vaska.

When Yuri called Robin in the evening, the dog immediately ran, wagging his tail happily and showing with all his appearance that he was a good boy. He didn’t immediately understand what the owner wanted from him. Robin had to be dragged into the hallway almost by force.

Children spun around him and strove to stroke. Even Vaska interrupted his royal dream and came to show his contempt for the fact, that two-legged people bring anyone into the house.

Robin visibly flinched in uncharted territory. He seemed to be afraid to do something wrong and be out in the cold again. In general, no matter how the children trued to involve him in the games, Robin so active in the yard this time was even more modest.

The dog spent the night on the couch in the same hallway and through his sleep he didn’t forget to wag his tail, thanks to the owners for the warm night.

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