The firefighters took photos with clever animals for supporting charities

In cold winter a great number of handsome firefighters supported a lot of animals by taking photos with them and sending them to many organizations which deal with the animals who need help.

COVID disturbed the animal-lovers’ job. They weren’t able to work with the animals’ refuge unlike the last year. So they applied to the animals’ owners to enter their website and participate in the photoshoot.

The director wrote that they had already got approximately 5000 photos from all over the world. Thousands of people participated in our project, even a woman wanted to send her pet to Australia.

It lasted one month to look all the photos and finally they collected all the photos with handsome firefighters.

The photographer of the calendar named Brett Cunliffe noted that choosing the best photos of models and animals were a very difficult job. The viewers only saw the most beautiful pictures where animals behaved themselves very well.

Ha added that working with animals was very interesting and challenging. During the photoshoot animals beat the firefighters, which would be very funny for the viewers.

Ben Church was an Australian firefighter who participated in the photoshoot.

Once he told the reporters that he did it for his grandmother and mother, who sent his photo to calendar workers saying that he is the most handsome man in Australia. For that he thanked them.

Ricky Smith was another model, who was chosen to take part in the shooting.

He told the people about his story. His girlfriend sent his photo to the organizers without informing him. It was amazing for him to received a call from the workers who invite him to take part in the shooting. It was very challenging because he had never done selfies before.

The participants are sure that due to their effort a great number of animals will be supported.

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