To save workers in Japan, began to pay a “bounty for a cat”

Tokyo-based Ferray Corporation has introduced a new form of incentive for its employees-they are paid to keep a cat! Provided, that the cat is taken with them to work. Why do they need it?  

Nine cats taken from shelters live in the Ferray Corporation office on a permanent basis.  

Cats are believed to help workers relieve stress, create a welcoming atmosphere, and other nonsense. It’s not at all like that, this is just a bonus, and not everyone gets it. Cats were brought in because of their harmful nature, in particular, the desire to create Skoda. For example, all workers must block the keyboard if they get up behind the computers-the tailed animals love to run and press buttons.  

If cats do more harm, than good at work, why should they live there? 

And here it is necessary to pause and explain what “karosi” is. A terrible thing, the scourge of modern Japan is a phenomenon in which people are so exhausted at work, that they ruin themselves. Literally until the cold body was delivered to the morgue. And this happens, because etiquette and traditions forbid complaining and criticising, you need to endure and plow. Work is everything.  

A typical picture. He has a high position and an excellent salary, but he will soon leave for another world

Even outright bans don’t work-employees work late, because “that’s the way it should be”. But there is a catch-if work is interrupted for reasons beyond your control, you are not to blame. Let’s say a playful kitten chewed off a wire, or pissed on documents. So there is a pause, you can relax a little, rest until everything is fixed.  

Also, in Japan landlords prohibit keeping pets 

So taking your cat to work rather than leaving it at home is a kind of compromise. To this end, Ferray Corporation pays “neki teate” -compensation of 5000 yen monthly to those, who adopt a cat from a shelter. For food, a veterinarian, and so on, as long as people have an outlet and something else besides work. There are the measures. 

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