A charming kitty with four ears conquers social networks 

Cat Midas is essentially a kitten, but already glorified in social networks. The reason is visible to the naked eye-a pair of additional eats flaunts in front of ordinary ears. And this is just the beginning! 

 Meet, the cat Midas. And yes she has 4 ears 

Midas was born a few months ago in the garden of a neighbour of a Turkish family Dosemechi, who took the kitten to her. Its origin is vague, since the mother cat is clearly street stray, but at the same time the veterinarian is absolutely sure, that Midas belongs to the Russian blue breed. Her brothers and sisters are absolutely normal, usual, but she is like this.  

Midas listens very well  

When Midas will be a little older, she will be sent for a full physical examination, including DNA testing. There are reasonable suspicions, that several mutations isn’t limited to double ears, so it is better to find out in advance. In the meantime, she is a cheerful, active young kitty without deviations. 

 She sleeps all day long, and tricks at night 

Midas loves to play with the yarn, with which her owner works, and constantly strives to take and hide the stein away. But her hooliganism is suppressed by two teachers-the golden retrievers Susie and Zeyno. They are kitties’ best friends.  

A small mischief  

The four-eared cat appeared on the Internet just a couple of weeks ago 

But she is already popular and her fame is growing  

Here is such a joke of nature, quite cute and charming. We wish her healthy and good luck.  

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