«The definition of true love!» The incredible life story of one Australian model deserves our special attention

Those who still don’t believe in true love, look at this and say nothing! 😏👌She was an absolutely ordinary girl from Australia, but September 2️⃣, 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ was the day that everything changed! 😲🧐 Turia Pitt survived a terrible fire and 6️⃣5️⃣% of her body was burnt! 😱😨 Everyone was sure her boyfriend would leave her, but they created a family and even became parents! 🤗😍For the full story – see the article! 👇

Today’s article is about Turia Pitt, an ordinary girl from Australia, who lived a life millions would dream. She was the prettiest girl among her peers, enrolled in a modeling career and in a relationship with a loving boyfriend. However, fate had other plans.

It was on September 2, 2011 that she miraculously stayed alive after a fire as a result of which 65%  of her body suffered terrible burns. This happened during a 100-kilometer cross-country race when she found herself trapped and ran through the flames. She had to undergo 200 surgeries and spend 3 years in hospital under special care.

Everyone was more than sure that her partner Michael would soon leave her and find a beautiful girl with a normal face. However, to everyone’s great surprise, he not only stayed by her side, but also created a family with her and later had children.

Turia’s resilience and determination were highly praised by millions. She even graced magazine covers and deservedly earned the title of the Woman of the Year. Today, they are a beautiful and exemplary family.

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