One Brazilian man spends a million dollars to look like Ken Doll and this is what he looks like now

An ordinary man paid a million dollars and transformed himself into Ken Doll! 😱🤯The guy has changed himself beyond recognition and become a plastic surgery victim!😬🤬 This is not for the faint-hearted people!😵 You had better sit down before you see his before-after photos in this article!👇

Every one of us has or used to have idols, celebrities or show business stars who serve as role models. Here is an ordinary Brazilian guy who played with dolls as a child and dreamt of transforming himself into one. The iconic toy figure captivated millions in the world.

He was only 16 when his journey began. The man ignored everyone’s advice and warnings and informed them of his intentions just several days before scheduled procedures. Gradually, his nose, cheekbones, teeth as well as physique underwent changes.

However surprising it might seem, he has also undergone an eye enhancement procedure and still had no plans to stop. Though his parents were initially against his body modifications, they eventually learnt to accent and support him when they saw him happy and fully satisfied with his appearance.

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