«Zombie Angelina now and then!» Here is Tabar’s incredible journey from an angelic beauty into a real-life monster

One fan spent millions and underwent 5️⃣0️⃣ plastic surgeries to look like Jolie, but something went wrong! 😲🤐 Many of you will recall her as «zombie Angelina», yet only few are aware of the story behind it! 🤫🤯 Not for the faint-hearted! 😱😨Let’s find out everything in this article! 👇

None of you will question who she is. Here is Tabar whom we all remember as that one insane fan of the Hollywood actress who spoilt herself irreversibly «earning» the title of «zombie Angelina». Believe it or not, she has undergone around 50 plastic surgeries and spent millions of dollars for the sake of her cherished dream.

Her incredible transformation from an ordinary girl with beautiful features into a real-life monster brought her popularity on social media and she started to actively post bold images and cause a furor. Her radical makeover caught the close attention of Iranian authorities who started to operate within a legal framework with limited women’s right.

Few know that in 2019 she was arrested after being accused of blasphemy and inciting violence. Initially, she was sentenced for a decade which was reduced to only one year after her explanation that all that was a form of self-expression. Whenever people see her old photos, it becomes hard to believe that this is one and the same person.

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