One woman brings an old apartment back to life and makes it the most stunning place to live you have ever seen

I ignored everyone’s advice and bought a house that no one before gave a second thought to! 💪😲 It didn’t look its best but I made a place I had always dreamt of! 🤩👏Just imagine my relatives’ faces when they first stepped here!🤫 It was a must-see! 🤭😏See the before-after photos in this article! 👇

The apartment we are about to speak about is in a five-story building dating back to the 1980s. No one before gave it a second thought until one girl saw potential in it and now plans to live there on her own. Ignoring everyone’s advice, she bought it and has had no regrets later to everyone’s surprise.

She was quick to hire a designer who would help her with the interior and make the process much easier. There is no denying that her work helped the owner a lot for which she was truly grateful. An old tiny apartment of only 32 square meters has now become a stunning and luxurious place to live.

When people see the before-after photos, it becomes hard to believe that its owner is a single woman who spared no time, effort and money to bring it back to life and make one of the most stunning places to live as one can ever imagine.  Before the renovation work started, the designer decided on remodeling.

In the corridor engineering boards were laid on the floor. They painted the walls with regular white paint. Here, one can find a miniature dressing room which is well closed by a textile partition.  The woman’s initial plan was to create a built-in wardrobe but it turned out to be rather expensive, so she quickly changed her mind.

The partitions of the kitchen underwent no change. The old passage was blocked and a new one was made from the room. In place of the former passage, a niche was formed where they placed the fridge. The flooring is laid with gray porcelain stoneware.

A large wardrobe covered the entire wall at the entrance for everyday clothes. A double bed stood in the center of the bedroom. They also replaced the heating radiators with new ones. Here, one can see an interesting workplace to the left of the window.

They significantly enlarged the bathroom by adding a corridor. The designer chose white tiles with blue grout as well as blue paint for the walls and the floor here. There is also a cabinet for household chemicals and a washing machine to the left of the entrance.

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