One young couple gave a miserable apartment a fantastic makeover and stormed the network with the final results

No one would even come closer to this ugly apartment, but my husband and I took the risk! 😏💪Its condition left a lot to be desired but we saw potential in it! 🧐🤩Even our relatives had doubts but we exceeded their expectations! 😍👍People can hardly believe this is the same house! 😯 For the before-after photos – see this article! 👇

Today’s heroes intended to find an apartment in the center of the city. Eventually, their choice fell on a historical building and an old apartment which, believe it or not, hadn’t been renovated for 50 years. Nobody gave a second thought to buy it, but today’s couple took the risk.

It occupied 54 square meters. It turned out that the foundation of the house had subsided, and now the level of the windows differed by as much as 15 cm, and the height of the ceilings in one place could be 3.45 meters, and in another 3.30 meters.

At first, the apartment had a standard two-room apartment layout with a miniature kitchen and separate bathroom. Currently, the dimensions of the room are changed: a kitchen-living room, a bedroom, a children’s room and a dressing room.

After dismantling the old decoration, the wall was exposed to brickwork with arched vaults. They decided to paint them white. Moreover, some elements of the Scandinavian style were added as well.

The new owners are simply obsessed with «old» furniture which conveys some historical value and antiqueness. What concerns the kitchen, the walls are now painted white except for one wall which is covered in interestingly designed tiles.

The entrance to the bathroom is in the living room and a colorful sliding door separates these two rooms. The chest of drawers and mirror are of an Asian style since the owners were highly inspired by Asian motifs during the renovation.

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