«About discrimination and disapproval!» The love story of Jake and Mary Jacobs melts everyone’s hearts

Her dad kicked her out for loving a black man! 😡😤Let’s take a look into the journey of Jake and Mary Jacobs! 🧐🤔No family attended their wedding ceremony and they couldn’t find a place to live because of the man’s skin color! 😬😫To find out more – see the article! 👇

They are about to celebrate the 71st anniversary which is truly praiseworthy. However, far not everyone is aware of all the aspects of their love story and the incredible journey they have come along together. They lived in the same city in the 1940s.

Not everyone knows that Mary’s family was strongly against her relationship with a black man, yet the girl chose love and preferred to listen to her heart.

The future couple first crossed paths at a college where she was learning typing and shorthand, while the boy received Air Force training.

The time Mary was impressed by his understanding of Shakespeare marked the beginning of their relationship. However, someone rushed to tell her father which literally astonished the man. When Jake proposed to her, the girl’s family left her behind.

The first years of their marriage were marked by various challenges and hardship. The newlyweds couldn’t find a place to stay since no one agreed to provide a black man with an apartment.

Now, the man is 89 and the woman is 84.

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