No one gave a second thought to this miserable apartment until the family gave it an amazing makeover

My husband and I were sick and tired of our old apartment, so we didn’t waste time and got started! 💪😏 No one believes this is the same home! 🤫Everyone’s jaws dropped when we showed the final results which you can find in this article! 👇

When the relatives of today’s heroes saw the apartment the couple purchased, they all laughed out loud and didn’t believe they could make it look any better. Despite their disbelief and mockery, the family decided not to waste time and gave it a fantastic makeover.

Its initial state left a lot to be desired, so it was necessary to hire an interior designer who would lead them to the right path. First of all, the outdated facing materials were dismantled. Their goal was to turn this place into a stylish and comfortable apartment.

An inexpensive parquet board appeared on the floor and the walls were painted white, expect for one which is now in a rich blue tone. This added even more charm and became one of the striking and distinctive parts of the interior.

There is a corner for the TV next to that wall. One can find a large comfortable sofa here as well. There is also a spacious wardrobe with mirror doors which make the space visually larger and lighter.

What concerns the kitchen, it became part of the living room. Here, the floor is laid with large, light-colored tiles. A large fridge was installed in the place of the former corridor. Speaking about the kitchen set, the upper cabinets are in white shades, while the lower one in dark gray.

Beyond the entrance to the bedroom is a large podium with a sleeping area which has additional storage space built into it. Part of the room is allocated with a dressing room. The bathroom underwent big changes as well and deserves our special attention.

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