«Not for the fainthearted!» This is what the narrowest house in the world looks like in the inside

Those, who have claustrophobia, had better not see this house! 😱🤯One Australian man built the narrowest house on Earth and left everyone speechless! 🤨🤐Let’s find out more about it in this article together! 👇

The creative-minded builder and designer of this absolutely unique house is Erwin Wurm. The project embodies the owner’s memories of his childhood home, transforming all the elements in a compressed form.

It goes without saying that this unusual house is the interpretation of the limitations of the owner’s personal space. This even evokes fear among those who have claustrophobia who immediately start to feel discomfort and inconvenience.

For the owner, on the other hand, this house is the interpretation of comfort and it makes him feel that he is protected and safe. Some psychologists advise the owner to stop living there and find a better place. The others sincerely admire it.

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