The spouses spent two months, worked day and night and got the house they had been dreaming of

My husband and I bought an old place for pennies and turned it into a stunning apartment! 🛖➡️🏠It hasn’t been renovated since the 1970s, can you believe? 😬🤐 See the before-after photos in this article! 👇

The choice of today’s spouses has fallen onto an old apartment the initial condition of which left a lot to be desired. Today’s spouses gave their preference to a three-room apartment the area of which was 65 square meters.

The new design was entirely up to them and the woman herself controlled the whole process. The walls were left uneven and covered with wallpaper with a geometric pattern. For the floor, they chose wood-look linoleum. Telephones and other small items were placed at the entrance.

The floor in the kitchen was also covered with linoleum and the walls were decorated with wallpaper with a geometric design. A seating area with a green chair was set up near the window and a TV corner was installed opposite.

Considering that the man works from home, he needed a separate office. There was a gray sofa that could be folded out for overnight guests. During the renovation, all batteries in the apartment were also replaced.

What concerns the bedroom, it has been designed in war m colors and is adorned with wood elements. The bathroom deserves our special attention too. Three types of textured tiles were used to decorate the walls.

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