Mother notices her son’s new clothes and brandy headphones, decides to follow him and this is what she discovers

I caught him with a blonde and this is who she turned out to be! For the continuation – see the article!

Today’s interesting article is about Cathy who shared her story with network users. She started noticing that his son wore new clothes and accessories. When she wondered from where he got them, the guy claimed that it was the father to provide him.

The whole thing is that the parents were divorced and she could easily believe in what he said. However, Ian had a part-time job, that is why the woman started suspecting and expressed disbelief. She decided to follow him and wasn’t ready for what she would discover.

He followed him after he mentioned going to his friend house. She was astonished to see him getting into a car with a blonde woman. Just imagine her surprise when she realized that it was her long-lost sister who disappeared right after high school.

Cathy couldn’t believe that she didn’t contact her before forming a relationship with her son. She was heartbroken and had no idea what to do. Lia explained that she was lucky to find Alex on FB explaining that she had doubts whether her sister would forgive her.

Alex protected Lia claiming that she has been his biggest supporter after the parents’ divorce and that her role in his life was irreplaceable. Lia eventually desired to reunite and this story ended happily.

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