«Battle against anorexia!» The way the girl looked before anorexia left everyone speechless

With a height of 172 cm, the girl weighed less than 25 kg!😱Everyone was amazed to see how beautiful this girl was before her terrible weight loss👸😳Before and after photos see here👇👇👇

This girl’s name is Valeria Levitina, who is already 39-years-old. She is considered the thinnest woman in the world. Her weight loss serves as a serious warning about the risks of eating disorders. She responded to all the Internet users who criticized her skeletal appearance that she was not going to «kill» young girls with her example.

The weight loss happened after many people started calling the girl fat. When Valeria was 16, she arrived in Chicago and immediately decided to go on an extreme diet in order to be like all the slender girls. People constantly criticized her for being too big when she decided to start a modeling career.

Valeria’s health has deteriorated so much that she doesn’t even remember the taste of bread. She has now entered the fight against anorexia and tells everyone about her problem, warning the girl to always not pay attention to society. She now dreams of becoming a mother and this desire can stimulate recovery.

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