«Character from a horror movie!» Here is what Cat Man looked like before numerous plastic surgeries

«Before plastic surgeries he was a quite decent man!»😲Thanks to his natural appearance before plastic, the man made a splash among people😵🤯Just look what he was like, in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Surprisingly, this man from America turned to a plastic surgeon to make his dream come true. He tried to become like a tiger and went through plastic surgery and other procedures.

His name is Dennis Avner, who was a programmer, but at some point decided to look like a cat. Dennis wanted the nickname «Stalking Cat», but he became known as «Cat Man».

To achieve this dream, he underwent several plastic surgeries which included his eyebrows, hairline, cleft lip and teeth contoured to mimic fangs. He covered his body with tattoos, wore yellow contact lenses with a cat’s eye symbol, and added piercings to the look to hold a mustache inside his upper lip.

Due to his strange appearance, he attracted a lot of people’s attention. He was invited to television programs to give interviews. Dennis never said how much he spent on this look.

It is very difficult to find a photo of a man before plastic surgery. See, he was able to hide his natural appearance in an excellent way. But we found a photo that shows that he is a completely normal person. What do you say about this?

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