My mom’s rich relatives torture our widowed dad and later I give them a lesson and ruin their reputation

I raised my glass and revealed the truth in front of everyone! See the continuation in this article!

Shortly after the mother passed away, I witnessed my rich maternal family torture my dad trying to take me and my sibling from him. As a reminder, my mother came from a wealthy family, while my father was from an average and working one.

I also had a younger brother with whom I experienced the childhood traumas which left a mark on us for the rest of our lives. My mother’s rich relatives used their power and influence to harm our father.

My father had always been a hard-working man who worked day and night to earn a living and do so that his family wouldn’t need anything. On contrary, my mother was from one of the richest and affluent families in the city.

Her relatives had strong connections with the major, lawyers and businessmen. When she fell in love with our dad and planned to marry him, her relatives were strongly dissatisfied. After three years of suffering, she passed away.

Soon after her passing, my aunt hired a lawyer and started threatening my dad that he no more had custody of the kids and it was them who were to take care of me and my brother. We constantly saw our father cry and get desperate.

My father’s sufferings lasted a decade. We were now living a peaceful life until one day they received a wedding invitation.

The man was heartbroken after hearing those terrible lies about his father. So he raised his glass and drew everyone’s attention.

«Everyone praising my dad and damning my aunt and my grandmother». To say that they were humiliated after this is nothing to say. The aunt was furious and the granny could hardly hold back her tears of embarrassment.

Soon, they had to shut down their businesses because no one was eager to fund it.

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