Living alone in the attic of a five-storey building: a female doctor from Stockholm showed her flat in a 1912 building

A few years ago, a century-old house stood in one of Stockholm’s cosy streets, but in 2017 it underwent significant changes. The Swedish authorities gave the go-ahead for an ambitious renovation project, which resulted in the five-storey building gaining two new floors. The traditional pitched roof was replaced by a mansard and the attic was converted into comfortable apartments.

From the outside, the mansard extension may seem a little strange, but with every glance at the building it becomes obvious that the new harmonises with the old. Despite this, the loft flats are priced lower than other flats in the building.

Let’s step inside one such loft flat.

The total area is 78 square metres, including three rooms, a living room with a fireplace and a cosy terrace with a picturesque view of the surroundings.

The owner of the flat is a 43-year-old family doctor who lives alone after a divorce.

So, what interesting things can be found in this unique accommodation?

The entrance to the house is on the street side, and residents have access to a well-maintained courtyard.

The living room, combined with the kitchen, is the most spacious part of the flat and has access to the terrace, the doors of which remain open on warm days.

The flat attracts attention with its sloping ceilings, reaching 3.6 metres at the highest point.

Attic windows and panoramic doors to the terrace fill the room with light.

The owner particularly enjoys the evening atmosphere in the flat: the sunsets over the city are magical.

The 8 square metre terrace is equipped with a dining area and a small sofa for relaxing.

The kitchen set with wooden fronts and oak parquet is a rarity in Scandinavian flats.

The heating problem has been solved by underfloor heating. On cold evenings, a fireplace creates the atmosphere.

The rooms are located on two sides of the kitchen – on one side is the study, on the other side is the bedroom.

The workroom is equipped for online consultations, while in the bedroom high ceilings give spaciousness.

Clothes storage is organised with a large wardrobe and open hangers.

For the bathroom, they chose a shower instead of a bathtub.

A patio, accessible only to residents, adds to the comfort.

What do you think of this flat? Spaciousness and style are great features for a single tenant. The terrace and living room seem particularly attractive. What elements of the interior caused your admiration or, on the contrary, dislike? Let’s discuss!

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