I lost my mind when my favorite granddaughter hit me with the words «You’re not even my grandma»

See the granny’s reaction to hearing the truth from her grandkid in this article!

Just imagine how surprised I got when my beloved grandkid Nina told me that I was actually not her grandmother. This made me lose my mind and I had no words to express my astonishment. When I shared this with her mom, Tina, she was surprised too.

Nina, my granddaughter, soon revealed that it was Tina’s mother, Stacey, who fed her with the false tale mentioning their racial differences. In a hurry and desperate, I rushed to take a DNA test which confirmed that I actually was her grandmother.

I rushed to show the result to my granddaughter, Nina, who rushed to apologize. She, in her turn, showed the results to Stacey who approach to it with serious doubt and disbelief. Most importantly, my granddaughter trusts me.

I decided to win with my kindness and place family bonds over the misunderstanding and discrimination.

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