Retired spouses downsize and move into their heiress’s backyard to enjoy the rest of their lives

Daughter creates a stunning «granny pod» for her retired mother so that she won’t have to move into retirement community! 😮👏 See in what conditions she is lucky to live in this article! 👇👇👇

It was back in 2017 that today’s heroine Meredith Stannard was about to retire. Like most of her peers, she was expected to sell everything and join the retirement community. However, her partner and her had other plans.

Living in their daughter’s backyard seemed a wonderful idea for them which opened many opportunities. Her daughter’s name is Drew and she has been living in a modern big house with her husband in Seattle.

As the place was spacious enough, she decided that it was quite possible to welcome her parents there. When Drew shared the idea she wanted to realize with her friends, they all expressed disbelief and had mixed reactions.

Many of them admitted that they would never do the same due to the lack of courage and determination. While the others congratulated her praising for such a creative and original idea still having serious doubts that she would actually do that.

The setup wasn’t a problem for Meredith. The woman and her daughter have always been honest and direct with each other. Before calling an architect, they made sure that Jacob (her father) was not against that. So they got started.

The results soon delighted the big family. The retiree finally moved to their new house considering it a perfect place to downsize. The couple provided them with everything needed. They also prepared small furniture.

Its minimalistic look made them even happier and this decision was one of the best ones they have ever made in their lives.

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