Woman gets divorced, quits her job, leaves everything behind and moves into a tiny house on wheels

She downsizes, sells everything and chooses a life in a house on wheels! 😮😍See how the recently divorced woman’s life has changed in this article! 👇👇👇

Home is a place where we go at the end of the day, after a hard and challenging working day or after being guests. Home should provide us with everything we need, meet our requirements and contribute to our well-being.

Its style and décor signal about our personality and personal preferences. There are cases when people are short of money and financial opportunities but manage to design their home the way so that it seems welcoming and suitable for them.

Today’s story is about Kari who has recently separated from her husband, sold everything and quitted her job starting a whole new life. Thus led her to start everything from scratch and pursue the right path. She shared a blog describing her journey through Europe.

As her dad was a former architect, she should discuss the projects with him. They soon started to collaborate and choose the final design together. The house she currently lives in is no more than 24 feet long.

We will first see the home’s patterned brown metal walls. The ceilings, cupboards and the interior walls are made of birch. Though there is one room, everything fits perfectly.

As she is 6-foot-3 lady, it was hard for her to come up with a layout that would allow her to stand in the living room. So, when the bed is hoisted down, the house turns into a comfy sanctuary where she works and relaxes.

Her bathroom has a toilet with a basin on top. There, she can find all her hygiene items and cosmetics. She admits that the divorce led her to pursue art, traveling and even writing.

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