I ditched the girl in the middle of our date in a remote park while everything seemed fine but here is the reason why

What I saw after my brief absence broke my heart into pieces. See what happened in this article!

Today’s interesting story was shared by a man who had to ditch a woman during their first date for something she had done. Yet, he still had doubts and hesitated whether he did the right thing seeking advice among network users.

The man and a girl named Kim met on a dating app. After several days of online communication, they both hoped they could form a relationship in life. So, it didn’t take them so long to decide to meet and start a new chapter.

He hoped that his decision to ditch her didn’t make him a bad person since he actually had quite a good reason for doing that. First, they grabbed two cups of coffee and were having a nice conversation. Soon, they decided to go to a park.

As it took half an hour to drive there, the future couple used that time to get to each other better and decide whether they had much in common or not. When they were already taking a walk in the park, the man had an urge to go to a restroom.

Little did he know that during his brief absence the girl would make new acquaintances. When he came back, he saw her talking to another man and soon their conversation turned into a flirt.  When he approached them, that guy asked who he was.

Kim rushed to say that he was his good friend and didn’t mind giving her number to that guy. Her behavior made the man devastated. He decided to leave her right there and go back alone since the upcoming half an hour with her would definitely be awkward.

To his surprise, network users started to make him feel guilty of having left the innocent girl in the park all alone. That is why the man seeks advice and needs to know whether he actually treated her badly or not.

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