The moment I saw what Christmas gift my teen daughter gave my wife with cancer, the world turned upside down

I lost my mind when I saw her present for my wife with cancer. See the article and learn more!

Today’s story was shared by a man who blew up the network with the incident which happened to his family. He has a wife and a daughter from his past relationship. His beloved wife cooked, cleaned and did everything for Christmas.

She could create that special atmosphere for the sake of her family members. However, when the time came to present the Christmas gifts, they all went speechless when they saw what his daughter had prepared for her.

Her ill-intentioned gift raised tension in their family. She gave her a bra which may have been quite a good present if we didn’t consider the fact that his wife suffers breast cancer. The woman could find no words. She was desperate.

Though the girl denied all the ill intentions, everyone viewed that as a vivid act of disrespect. The man stood up for his wife and decided to punish his daughter. He made her do all the celebration cleaning.

What do you think? Who is right?

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