My boyfriend demands money which I get from the house given by my father and this is what I decide to do

He demands 50 percent of the money and see what happens next in this article!

Today’s interesting story is about one 18-year-old girl who offered her boyfriend for three months to move in with her without telling that she owned the two-story building and was having the floor below her rented out. The house was gifted by her father.

She found it appropriate to give the lower floor for 500 dollars as a passive income. Although the man had no idea that the apartment they were living in actually belonged to the girl, she didn’t demand the rent or utilities from him.

The only thing that they shared was money for grocery shopping. Everything was fine until one day when the tenant of the lower floor knocked on the door and informed that the freezer had stopped working. He suggested fixing it or buying a new one.

Once the man learnt the truth, he immediately started yelling at the girl calling her an evil and selfish personality. He started accusing her of hiding that information and being mean to him. He made a scandal claiming why he met such a terrible girl.

Just imagine the girl’s surprise when he started to demand half of the money which came from the rent. She couldn’t understand what the matter was and why she had to give that money to him. The girl soon informed her dad who supported her.

The boy announced the end of their relationship and put an end to their chapter.

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