Mother searches for her missing daughter for years until one day she reappears and points finger on her stepfather

A decade later mom hears a knock on the door and see what happens next in this article!

This mind-blowing story was shared by a woman who blew up the network with the unpleasant incident which occurred to her family. Ten years ago, her teenage daughter mysteriously disappointed which left her husband and her speechless.

Her room was completely spotless unless the absence of a carpet which, as her husband claimed, was taken to dry cleaning. Just imagine the woman’s astonishment when she received a message demanding 100 000 dollars for her safe return.

She couldn’t find her place and didn’t think twice before calling the police. They decided to set up a ransom drop-off point and after years Emily appeared at the doorstep. She pointed at Richard, her stepfather, accusing him of her disappearance.

Emily talked about his violence and heartlessness. Soon, the carpet was found too and a little blood on it which the man wanted to hide at all costs exposed Emily’s identity with the help of a DNA test. Richard was arrested and for the woman a new chapter started.

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