My siblings’ reaction after inheritance when it was no one but me who took care of our late parents with dementia

What lies behind the inheritance and how did money tear our family? For details – see the article!

It is needless to say that when someone precious to us passes away, it leaves a huge hole in our heart and we no longer remain the same. Today’s article was shared by a girl who had just lost her parents and sake for advice about what to do next.

Every time someone passes away, the next thing to come is the inheritance. Our heroine explained that losing her parents was the hardest thing that she had ever experienced. A couple of months later, her siblings and her received a sizable inheritance.

She had always been on good terms with her siblings, but when it came to money, everything changed for the worst. She wasn’t ready for such an unexpected turn. Just imagine their surprise when the girl received the half and her siblings should split the second half between them.

Our heroine shares that it was her who took care of her parents most. She made appointments to doctors and looked after them until the last day. Sadly, they had progressing dementia and soon the disease took over.

Regardless of this, her siblings started to treat her like an enemy calling each other «selfish», «greedy» and «dishonest». The girl finds no words to express her disappointment. She could never think that money could change so many things.

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