While I saved money for months and bought my fiancé PS5, he gave this as a Christmas gift and left me speechless

See what my fiancé gave me as a Christmas gift and how I reacted in this article!

I had nothing to do but to leave my fiancé’s family holiday celebration after my husband gave me such a horrible Christmas gift. The whole thing is that I had saved money for months and bought PS5 as he had always dreamed of.

To say that I felt humiliated and astonished is nothing to say. It was actually a prank suggested by my fiancé’s sister to give me a pack of toothpicks. I couldn’t contain my emotions and yelled at him angrily.

This led me to stop everything and continue the holiday at my mother’s house. Believe it or not, I even received harsh criticism from my mother-in-law for ruining the mood. On the next day I finally received the real present, but the mother-in-law was still not on good terms with her.

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