When I discovered that my late mother split all her money between my brother and aunts leaving me, as her only caregiver, with nothing, I was astonished until I knew the full story

I opened the envelope and everyone’s law dropped to the floor! If interested what happened, see the article!

For a long time before her passing, my mother had been battling with cancer. Unlike my money-hungry siblings and aunts, I was her only caregiver who looked after her and stayed with her till the last minute of her life.

And, unfortunately, she passed away leaving me in tears and sorrow. As is known, the next drama after someone’s passing is their will, the inheritance. Just imagine my great surprise when we learnt that she left all her money to my siblings and aunts!

I clearly remembered the spoon-eating and hand-holding which gave me as much pleasure as it did to my poor, suffering mom. Surprisingly, my brother and aunts showed up when they needed something, either help or money.

Despite my prayers, my mother couldn’t make it and, unfortunately, the illness took over her. I was having tea when one day the lawyer dropped the bomb. All her savings were split between my brother and aunts.

My siblings and aunts were happy and they didn’t even hide that. They looked at me with sarcasm and I could barely hold back my tears. It was impossible for me to contain my emotions. I even started to think that I hadn’t taken care of her well enough.

But suddenly, the lawyer claimed that my mother loved me more than anyone else advising me to check the letter. It turned out that my late mother clearly knew what money drains my siblings and aunts actually were. She decided to teach them what real values are.

And now, I am sitting in my new kitchen and drinking coffee from the coffee machine I always wanted.  For her, money was nothing. It was this house which mattered and she knew that I would appreciate that much more. Thank you, mom.

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