As a poor single mom, it was a surprise to see my teen daughter with new iPhones and brandy clothes, so I decided to follow her and what I discovered blew my mind

With whom I saw my daughter left me speechless! See the article for the details!

I am Helen, a 35-year-old single mother, who tries to make ends and provide my daughter with everything necessary. Lately, I have noticed something strange from my heiress, 14-year-old Kate. The teen girl started behaving in a strange way.

Last week she came with a brand new iPhone, designer sneakers as well as a Chanel bag explaining that she borrows them from her classmate Ann. Of course, I didn’t believe in all this being more than sure that there was a story behind.

One day, I no more could resist and left my work a little bit earlier so as to discover the whole truth. I went to school and what I happened to see at school left me speechless. She noticed Kate meet someone in a sleek car.

Just imagine my astonishment when I realized that it was Henry, the elusive father, who disappeared from my life when Kate was still a fetus explaining that he was not ready for a family life. Once, he also mentioned that he first wanted to a build a career.

As soon as I revealed the whole story to Kate, she was heartbroken and our conversation became a heartfelt moment which changed the tense atmosphere. She explained that if she knew the whole story, she would haven never take anything from him.

To my surprise, she even auctioned all his gifts off on eBay. I was glad that my daughter cherished maternity love and moral values over wealth and fortune.

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