Our heroine shares an unpleasant situation explaining how her mother-in-law almost took their house from them

The whole story started quite harmlessly. My husband’s sister came to our city with her husband and seven kids and the reason for their coming was children’s vocal competition. My mother-in-law was the one who made us agree to that and what she did later left my husband and me speechless!

We currently live in the apartment which is the only thing that remained after my grandmother. “Will you refuse hospitality?”, asked the mother-in-law? -She has very talented children and it will barely be possible for her to rent an apartment since there are 9 in her family. It will be okay that you let them stay for a few days. There must be nothing wrong.

Adding that her children are truly talented, she suggested making room for three days. It was known that Linda raised her kids strictly and they were not spoilt at all. Their rooms were always in perfect order. They were not only obedient, but also always helped their mother clean around the house.

But a big surprise awaited us. Together with their family, my mother-in-law also came with the words that she would look after the grandchildren. What is more, she needed to undergo examination at the capital’s neurological center.

“I guess you should move in with me for a while,” my mother-in-law suggested explaining that it would be more quiet not to live with such a large family under the same roof.

She lived in a two-room apartment in the neighborhood. To say that my husband unconditionally trusted his sister is nothing to say. They have grown up together. We had nothing to do but to agree with my mother-in-law’s request.

We packed up and moved into her apartment. Every day we came to check whether everything was okay or not, though. Linda’s family lived according to a pattern: dinner, reading books before bed and relaxing.

Her children brilliantly performed at the competition, but they asked to stay for the final concert. The concert was supposed to take place in 7 days. Surprisingly, at the end of the week Linda sent me some money explaining that it would be rude of her not to pay for the utilities.

And what an unexpected turn! The day before the final concert, we learnt that my mother-in-law had to go to the hospital. This meant that their family would be staying in our apartment for a while.

A week later, my mother-in-law came to us for dinner and said: — Linda was advised to go through several castings with the kids explaining that the judges of the contest saw a great potential in them.

This became the last straw on the camel’s back. The husband finally said that his mother could easily live with them in their house and Linda’s family could live in her place explaining that they were not responsible for the future of Oksana’s children.


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