«Something went wrong!» What happened to the couple on the very day of their wedding blew up the network

All the guests burst into laughter the moment the newlyweds showed up! 🤭😁 The couple tried to recreate a heartfelt photo but this is how it turned out! 😮😬 See what happened to them in this article! 👇👇👇

It is not surprising that even the organized events can cause some inconveniences and trouble. This often is not because of the organizers’ mistake and carelessness, but certain consequences and awkward situations.

Today’s interesting article is about one couple who went to get photos of their dreams and had to be late to join the guests for the following reason. One may say that their wedding day went wrong which seems a nightmare for each and every person.

The makeup and hairstyle of the bride were totally ruined and the newlyweds could barely hold back their tears. Later, when she showed up and shared what had happened to them, they made everyone burst into laughter.

Soon, the couple started to laugh and they ceased to take everything closer to their hearts. One should be prepared for any surprise given from life which usually can be unpredictable. The moment they appeared in water was captured too.

Have a look!

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