«When designers went too far!» Mini apartments which amaze even the most seasoned realtors

You won’t see anything more ridiculous that this today! 🫢🤯Try not to burst into laughter when you see these mini apartments! 😅😬 See the photos in this article! 👇👇👇

There is an expression «smart house» which, to some people, means that each and every centimeter is used rationally. However, in some cases, people are left astonished to witness that people did their best to «fit» everything in a tiny room.

See the following photos and try not to burst into laughter! Here, the owners decided to have both a bathroom, toilet and kitchen in one single room. Doesn’t it look ridiculous?

Here is another example of «a smart house»! The toilet is hidden in the closet. Over it there is a microwave.

One can cook, eat and go to toilet right here! Isn’t it ingenious?

A sofa just next to a toilet? Why?

The kitchen and the toilet in one place. Doesn’t it look ridiculous?

Very convenient! One can open the wardrobe and appear in the toilet!

Who on Earth made this?

Three rooms in one place!

When the designers went too far!

What about this one? Share your opinion!

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