She sews the trendiest coats from old blankets and starts a new era in the world of fashion

A designer turns old woolen blankets into stunning coats and sells them for thousands of euros! 😳🤯 Her original idea evoked even Vogue’s interest and made her a fashion star! 😍👏 See the photos of the coats in this article! 👇👇👇

Here is Marit Ilison who sews clothes for as long as she can remember. The talented and creative Estonian tailor saw a denim skirt for herself when she was still a school child. Her originality evokes millions of people’s interest worldwide.

Initially, she was studying modeling in a college in Tailand, then she continued her studies as a designer in a Copenhagen school. No one had doubts that there was a bright future ahead of her.

While interning with designers B. Preterse, C. Starek and others, she was in search of her own style. Her name was first seen in the fashion world in 2013 when she came up with an original ideal to create a collection of coats from old blankets.

Marit was looking for blankets from old women and soon stunned the fashion world by her unusual discovery. She deservedly became the winner of the Vogue TALENT 2014 award  and was mentioned by Stiletto magazine.

Surprisingly, the price of one coast starts from 2000 euros. They are sewn by hand from Soviet and Chinese wool blankets which were made back in the 1960-1980s. It is embroidered with beads and rhinestones.

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